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Putting the social back into social media

I’m glad 2016 is over. Even though there has a been a few outstanding moments, the year has been most of the time too stressful for me.

I spent the first day of 2016 thinking about where I was in my photographic journey as a toy photographer. I also wrote a post on my blog so I could check whether the goals I had for 2016 have been fulfilled.

Today I decided to do the same. I went back reading that blog post I wrote for myself one year ago. I’ve spent all the day in front of my computer screen, looking back at the photos I’ve taken. I read again a few Stuck in Plastic’s blog posts that happen to be in phase with my current state of thinking.

I’ve defined some goals to push forward my photography but it doesn’t matter that much if I can fulfill them: I’m pretty sure I won’t be disappointed with where 2017 will lead me. On the other I set a goal that is less directly related to my own photography.

The big highlight of this year has been attending the #sipgoeshamburg2016 toy safari. Being able to meet again some of my new friends has been as great. I can’t wait to see them again, I can’t wait to see the ones I couldn’t visit, and I can’t wait to meet new toy photographers. So my main goal for this year is to make this possible. (To quote @xxsjc: “put the social back into social media”)

This photo/sigfig selfie was taken in Malmö a month ago, when I visited @fubiken before attending a conference in Copenhagen. Like the toy safari in Hamburg, it was a well needed moment to rest in the middle of stressful weeks/months. 

(I’ve also spent some time summarizing my thoughts into a new blog post. It’s mostly so I can be able to read it again in one year but it’s also online at This year I’ve also included a few pictures related to my evolution through 2016.)

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