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Leftovers from San Francisco

With too many photos I wish to share and not enough time, I decided to gather here the photos I took during the Toy Photographers meetup in San Francisco. These include the ~50 photos that have been posted on social media in the past six months, but also a few unpublished photos.

Yoda and Ackbar

Stcokholm was a blast! The Admiral and Master Yoda are ready for California!

Yoda’s first steps at Google+ headquarters!

Yoda stumbled across this familiar face in San Francisco…

Yoda stumbled across this familiar face in San Francisco…

To the beach!

Surfing USA


“Three Margaritas and a Taco! Let’s go to Mexico!”
El Señor Ackbar ready to hit the road in the car he borrowed in California.

Look out! Here comes the Spidersquid!

If you’re going to San Francisco… Be sure to wear some flowers in your hair!

Spreading peace and love in Haight Ashbury.

Spreading peace and love in Haight Ashbury.

Spreading peace and love in Haight Ashbury.

It’s a shark!


How did the Admiral ended up in Alcatraz?

It seems like the Admiral has been captured by the Empire…

There is no hope to get out soon… If only someone could come to the rescue of the Admiral!

“This place I fear not! ” said Master Yoda to himself while putting on his highwayman outfit.

Let’s run away while these tourists distract the stormtroopers of Alcatraz…
(…And this concludes my little story in Alcatraz)


California Dreamin’

Chasing Ants

Toy Photography at Google+ headquarters

Skullkid’s new friend

Roaring Duel


Hungry for Ewoks

T-Rap Photobomb

The Californian sun makes T-Rap happy


Lombard Street

Hiding in the flowers

Smelling good

Smelling bad

“Oh no, there’s a #MyLilShietz in my hair!”


Woody and his new friend

Woody and his new friend (alternate)

To The Infinity and Beyond

Pew pew!

Even cowboys like to cuddle with furry animals

Woody the Rocker

Gotta have some hot stuff tonight!


Pizza Delivery

Aria playing hide and seek.

Bad to the Bone

The sun will set forever, never to rise again…

Bathing in the Light

Plundering San Francisco Bay

Fly photobomb

Ready to plunder the Californian Beaches

Aria in San Francisco

Field of Flowers

Other toys

The Moomins in California


Summer Raptor

Spanking the Monkey

The Owl

Sunset upon a Golden Age (alternate)

Sunset upon a Golden Age

Gizmo’s previous Master

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