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Woody’s Ethylic Love Story – 6/8

[In western countries, drinking alcohol is not only largely accepted but also largely encouraged. I do not blame the act of drinking alcohol. I understand how and why people do it. I myself often enjoy giving in to drinking a few beers. However, having witnessed close people falling into serious alcoholism, I can’t stress enough the dangers of its long term effects. This photo is part of a series about alcohol, made in the context of the 100% Stuck In Plastic challenge “make it seem”:]

Even though I took all the photos I needed for the challenge in Norway, and was very eager to share the result online too, I waited before posting anything. I had a lot of photos for the challenge and needed to narrow down the number. I also had no idea what was the right number. So I spent a lot of time looking at my photos before making any decision about which were the ones that would be part of the series. I often take (at least) a few days before making choices about what will make its way online, but here it’s been longer than usual. While the goal of the challenge was to make four photos, I haven’t been able to go below eight.

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