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Woody’s Ethylic Love Story – 8/8

[In western countries, drinking alcohol is not only largely accepted but also largely encouraged. I do not blame the act of drinking alcohol. I understand how and why people do it. I myself often enjoy giving in to drinking a few beers. However, having witnessed close people falling into serious alcoholism, I can’t stress enough the dangers of its long term effects. This photo is part of a series about alcohol, made in the context of the 100% Stuck In Plastic challenge “make it seem”:]

Looking at my photos, I’ve wondered many times (and keep wondering) if I’ve really been successful with respect to the challenge. I have no doubt that all my previous photos are supposed to be happy: they’re about a love story. But was I successful in making them look sad? Similarly are these photos shocking or will they simply look like some funny photos with Woody? I guess it will depend on who will look at the series and how. Because I had this issue since the beginning, I knew I had to end the series with something different. I assumed that a love story is something happy. However all love story do not end well, some even don’t start well. This one in particular, a love story between a cowboy and a bottle of German alcohol, couldn’t end well. That’s why it’s the only photo where Woody doesn’t smile.

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