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Anton in Norway

Over the past three years, Anton and his reindeer have been traveling with me. I don’t often photograph them, but almost every time I go to Norway, I feel the need to take at least a photo with them.

Fishing in Lofoten (2018)

Anton visited Lofoten two years ago during the summer. I’m not sure how much of a holiday it was for a fisherman to visit fishing villages…

The Most Unoriginal Selfie in Hamnøy
Anton in the fishing village of Nusfjord

Anton in Helgeland (2019)

Last year, instead Anton decided to go to Trondheim and travel all the way North to the Land of the Maelstroms along the Helgeland Coast.

Starting from the city of Nidaros.
All the way to the Land of the Maelstroms.

Under the Midnight Sun (2020)

This year, Anton decided to go further North. Despite the pandemic, he managed to spent midsummer across the Norwegian border and enjoyed hiking in Varanger near the Barent Sea.

Under the Midnight Sun
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