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T-Rapped under the Ice

Since I watched last week the second season of Camp Cretaceous, I’ve been feeling in a dino mood. While I was pretty delighted with season 1, season 2 was even better. In many ways, it’s far superior to the two Jurassic World movies and closer to the atmosphere of the Jurassic Park movies. No hybrid dinosaur, no attempt at making this look more like horror than adventure. Just a group of people stuck on an island with dinosaurs, trying to survive.

However, if I have one complaint about the second season, it’s how it ends on a big cliffhanger. It makes me feel impatient about the next season… and the next movie too. (I guess it’s the goal of the whole series.) I’m constantly wondering what will happen next, and somehow it reminds me of my own photography.

Almost three years ago, as part of a Toy Photographers challenge (which I have no recollection of the topic), I created a short series of photos with T-Rap. I originally posted it on Google+ but never anywhere else. With Google+ gone, I thought it was a good opportunity to post it here.

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