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The Sigfig Update Dilemma

It’s been a while I’ve been thinking about updating my sigfig. Originally I mainly wanted to update it because of the head. It doesn’t look like me at all (for example I don’t have a mustache) and it would like it to look more like me. However at the same time I really like the current head I’m using because which, in my opinion, is the best LEGO has ever made. The only faces I found that would look more like me are the most generic ones. After a few try with different faces, I chose to use a classic smiling face. I also ended up changing most parts of the sigfig:

  • Indiana Jones’ hat in dark tan
  • Indiana Jones’ torso
  • Major Quinton Steele’s legs
  • A messenger pouch
  • A classic smiling face

I spent quite a lot of time on this because I am very attached to Johnny Thunder hat and torso. I hesitated a lot but now I am sure that I want my sigfig to have a look close to this new one. The only thing I want to try to change is using less expensive and more common parts, particularly for the legs and torso. For the legs the problem is easily solved because I can simply use simple plain dark tan legs. For the torso it has been more difficult. I know I want to stick to a dark brown torso but I looked at all possible dark brown torsos on Bricklink catalog and none works as well as Indiana Jones’ one.

I still have hesitation. I would like to find a solution for the torso but I see none. Probably this could be solved later if LEGO release a new dark brown torso that works for me. But more important is the head. I really like the current head and I’m going to try to modify it in order to get rid of the mustache.

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  1. Stefan 2015-11-24

    Oh right, thi sigfig dilemma. I remember feeling uneasy with my sigfig first. I tried to find a head that somehow looked like me, as well, along with a torso and legs I simply liked. Later on I found out that many people’s sigfigs do not at all look like their creators and to be honest: They don’t have to, do they? I also understand the urge to use rather common parts than rare ones. But then again the rare torsos make your fig unique and easy to identify. Hoping to get my hands on a copy of your ’12 of 2015′.

    • Reiterlied 2015-11-29 — Post Author

      Sure that using common parts makes a common figure. Over the weeks I have used my new sigfig a few times even though I still bring the old one everywhere with me. I had decided to use de facto the plain smiling LEGO face but reading your comment makes me hesitate again which head I prefer.

      I am also very excited to get my hands on your book 😉

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