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Can photographs tell the truth?

Folks at 100% Stuck In Plastic have started this year to propose photo challenges and I decided to follow them on their adventure.

Here is the result of the second challenge “can photograph tell the truth”. I doubt photos can really tell the “truth” or be objective because they’re always taken from a specific point of view. Moreover I’m not interested in telling the truth with my photography.

The only way I found to “tell the truth” was to take a picture of myself. After having received the LEGO WALL-E model and having built it, I was in a hurry taking some photos. However it appeared to be harder than I initially imagined: on each photo there were some disgraceful reflections in the eyes of WALL-E. Sometimes these reflections included me. I fixed this by editing the reflections to make it look natural.

The WALL-E photo with edited eyes

The WALL-E photo with edited eyes

By doing this I was definitely not telling the truth, so I decided to take more photos of WALL-E and this time without trying to hide reality.

In this one I'm visible next to my camera and my white reflector

In this one I’m visible next to my camera and my white reflector

Hello it's me

Hello it’s me

Let's look stupid

Let’s look stupid

On the other hand while taking these “objective” photos I also achieved to take some improved photos of the ones that are “not telling the truth”.

A non-edited photo of WALL-E's eyes

A non-edited photo of WALL-E’s eyes

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