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Collectible Minifigures 19 and Minidolls

Last year, I reviewed the LEGO Collectible Minifigures Series 19 at Stuck in Plastic. I specifically focused on the new accessories, hairpieces, and helmets. I tried using them with my Elves Minidolls. In addition, it also included a mini-review of the Friends Italian restaurant also released last year, which I used for some of the CMF19 photos. This was quite remarkable as it was my second attempt at indoor photography in a long time. (The first one was my review of the Gingerbread House.)

I wanted to reshare here some of my favorite photos I took for this review. This also includes one I decided not to use for my original review.

One of my favorite photos from 2019. For over 6 months, it’s been the wallpaper on my phone and one of the two toy photos I see the most on a daily basis. Interestingly, I’ve never posted that photo on Instagram on my personal account…
This is an alternate version I didn’t use in the review. It focuses more on the landscape, through the magnifier, than on the figure. It didn’t fit the review but I love it almost as much as the one focusing on the figure.
I didn’t use only Minidolls, but also other LEGO Elves figures such as the animals.
An unexpected love story between an Adventurer and a Mummy. I also couldn’t resist photographing some of my favorite Minifigs from the series.
This photo was initially part of the Gingerbread House review. But as it includes a CMF19 shower guy, it also fits in the CMF review.
Faran is cooking delicious pizzas topped with dragon cheese and mushrooms picked in the forest of Elvendale…
…While Sira is making chocolate mousse for dessert.
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